About Us

Welcome to Artwork Soaps! My name is Nancy Jameson and I am the creator of the soaps you will see on these pages. As one who loves to draw and whose former career was as a graphic designer and art director, I have used first paper and later a computer as art mediums. When I discovered soap making I felt soap was one more medium-as I told my husband-a new canvas for creativity.  But, I realized soap did more than just clean my body and nourish my skin. Like a beautiful painting hanging on the wall, the scents, the colors, the creaminess added quite a bit of pampering to my busy life.

I specialize in creating luxurious small batch artisan soaps. Many of the soaps contain goat's milk, buttermilk, coconut milk or cream. Some contain aloe juice, beer and even whiskey! All of the soaps are handcrafted, allowing me to enrich them with the finest skin-loving butters, clays, silk and honey.

At Artwork Soaps, I've made my motto Designing Soap, Creating Hope.That's because as we enjoy this soap, I also want us to be able to give to those who don't have a chance at luxury, those who never receive any pampering. To enable that, 10% of all soaps sold is donated to a ministry in South Asia which supports a children's home by providing food and resources, and digs water wells in the surrounding villages. (The picture below is my daughter, Emily, visiting with the children.)

So, take a stroll through my gallery of products and browse through the collections. And just as making and using this soap and giving to others in need nourishes my heart, I hope that you will find that using Artwork Soaps nourishes your skin and enriches your life as well.