Botanically Infused Soap

Yarrow Infused

Yarrow Infused

Yarrow is a perennial herb from the Astor family and is closely related to chamomile. Although not commonly known on sight, it grows everywhere in Europe and North America and its beneficial properties have been known for a long time: Native American tribes made extensive use of it and it is even mentioned in Greek mythology! Yarrow is useful in supporting the skin and has been used cosmetically in many applications. Our soap boosts 20% yarrow infused sweet almond oil as well as cream and shea butter among its ingredients.

Scented with the freshest, cleanest of all fragrances--apple sage--I've NEVER had anyone not fall in love with this scent, men and women alike.

Handmade soap will vary in appearance from soap to soap. For best results allow your soap to dry out between uses. 4.5-5.0 oz

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