Botanically Infused Soap

Lemon Balm Infused

Lemon Balm Infused

Lemon Balm is a fresh, slightly lemony member of the mint family that is cleansing and has wonderful properties for your skin. Lemon Balm supports skin health through its calming effect (because it contains eugenol and tannins) and its powerful antioxident properties. (Because it contains caffeic and ferulic acid.) Our lemon balm soap is also "colored" with rose kaolin clay which is naturally exfoliating.

Our lemon balm soap is almost 50% lemon balm infused sweet almond oil and shea butter and is scented with lemon, lime and orange essential oils.

Handmade soap will vary in appearance from soap to soap. For best results allow your soap to dry out between uses. 4.5-5.0 oz

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